(Frankie Knuckles, Everything but the Girl, Future Homosapiens)

Ben K Adams: Nonchalant

Bringing in a fusion of experimental trip hop and dance pop sounds, Nonchalant by Ben K. Adams is a nice little getaway compilation for those looking to enjoy a little time out on the dancefloor. This is the latest release from the artist and it combines his skillful guitar playing with his expert mixing skills. Nonchalant is a short EP but it's enough to entice the listeners and keep them hooked with the few tracks it has in tow.

NazcarNation: Dynazty EP

NazcarNation isn't really a band about racing or anything like that, instead they're an electronic indie pop chillwave trio that creates pulsating and catchy tracks. Founded in 2008 by Chris Wargo and Craig Robert Smith, the band first started out back in LA. Drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Mark Balane, soon joined in and they ended up recording most of the tracks on the EP. Skillfully fusing hip hop, ambient, and electronica; theirs songs have a midtempo chill out beat that's easy on the ears.

Haujobb: Let’s Drop Bombs

Sounding like you just stepped inside a Rob Zombie discotheque, Haujobb is a cool band that definitely knows their way around haunting industrialtechno music. Let's Drop Bombs contains 9 upbeat tracks that feature a vast array of electronic rock and alternative touches throughout. Made up of Dejan Samardzic (arrangements, production,) Daniel Myer (arrangements, vocals) and Manuel g. Richter (synths, noises, drums) joins them for live performances; the album is one masterful record that deserves a pedestal.

Toucan Music (Various Artists): Best Bytes Volume 1

Founded way back in 2004 and previously known as Frantik Music, Toucan Music came up with this nineteen track compilation that includes DJ-friendly singles from 2002 (to present) in a variety of dance genres such as house, breakbeat, hardcore, chillout, and trance. Hailing from United Kingdom, Toucan Music provides original high quality full-length tunes with a broad range of style. Another Boring Lunchtime makes its way to track number one. Produced and edited by Toucan Musicís main man Psychadelik Pedestrian, it showcases a number of piano and keyboard variations that can pump up and heighten the senses.

Sostanze Records: Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2

Back with a great collection of music in tow, Sostanze Records is releasing their big follow up to their successful compilation album, Don't Believe The Hype. Don't Believe The Hype Pt. 2 contains the same energy and great selection of tracks like its successful predecessor. Sostanze Records is an online netlabel that specializes in giving electro drum and bass/visual artists a chance to share their work. Everything they do is under a Creative Commons license and offered for free download.

Aucan: Black Rainbow Remixes

Making another big splash here on Frostclick, Aucan returns with a new and exciting free release. Their previous album, Black Rainbow, which was featured here on the blog has been received with arms wide open. To date, it has reached more than 100, 000 downloads (and still counting.) Aucan is a three piece, unconventional live electronics band that has been steadily gaining plenty of ground with their sound. Actually, it's not just their sound but also their live performances that have been generating quite a buzz. This latest release, Black Rainbow Remixes contains 11 remixed tracks; delivered fresh by the savvy trio and available for free in exchange for a tweet, a Facebook shout or your email address.

Maximus York: Freedomtown EP

Deep bass, wild party synths and smooth disco feel; this amazing compilation is courtesy of Los Angeles native, Santiago Calogero. Better known under the alias, Maximus York; Freedomtown EP is his latest release. It comes with four free tracks that you can download and check out. Combining a flurry of beats and some upbeat thumping bass, the songs seem perfectly destined for any hot nightspot where dancing is the main topic.

Beat Culture: Tokyo Dreamer

A fairly fresh ambient compilation that's already generating buzz among internet music fans; Beat Culture's Tokyo Dreamer is looking forward to a great year. The young musician behind the album is Korean born, USA based, Sunik Kim. He's fairly new in the musical playing field but he's definitely showing promise by expertly combining various synth sounds with careful pianos and pitched shift vocals. As a results, the album is a rich hodge podge of sound that reflects an electronic ambient feel along with a hint of shoegaze rock for those few.

Revolution, I Love You: We Choose to Go to the Moon

Philly based duo, Revolution, I Love You (R,ILY) comes out with their debut compilation We Choose to Go to the Moon. Despite being newcomers, they've been making quite the impression with their indie-electronic rock sound; motivating listeners to find out more about them after just one listen. Their 10-track album is filled with beautiful layers of synths, pianos and vocals. It's hard to believe sometimes that there's just two of them in the group instead of a full-on 3 or 5 piece. We Choose to Go to the Moon is essentially a hodge podge of pop, electronica, pop music and dance rolled into one lovely package.