(Frankie Knuckles, Everything but the Girl, Future Homosapiens)

Mind Cinema: Sun Beat

Spearheaded by Javier Elizondo, Priscila Orfanos, and Gerardo Gamez, Mind Cinema is a Monterrey/Vancouver band that creates surreal, numbing soundscapes, perfectly capturing the ambiguity, chaos and beauty of the subconscious. Their sound carefully touches on electronica, ambient and shoegaze indie rock. Sun Beat is the group's first EP. It comes with 8 tracks tinged with dreamy sounds that crosses between the unpredictability of The Flaming Lips and ambient landscapes of Sigur Ros. Listening to the record is like getting blown away into a dreamland where beauty and madness mix freely and are emanating from the same source. It's a record worth having. The group also has several cool videos on Youtube, check those as well. They perfectly capture the band's unique sound.

Fauve! Gegen A Rhino

Fauve! Gegen A Rhino is an experimental electronic, noise band. Their sound is a mixture of unusual sounds, guitar distortions, weird chimes and occasional haunting/cryptic vocals. This is the second official release from the three piece crew. Made up of Andrea, Matteo and Riccardo; this eclectic, electronic noise rock trio have members that are all in their early 20s. Despite the young age, they create a sound that is unique and encompasses a multitude of genres. If you love electronic pop or pretty much anything that can be characterized as an odd combination of sound, noise, bits and bobs; take a listen.

Bryn Thomas: Feel For Bumps EP

Feel for Bumps is the fourth EP released under indie netlabel, Cut Records. This four track compilation circles around hip hop, drum & bass and dub beats. The mastermind behind this EP is none other than Bristol based producer, Bryn Thomas. His brand of music explores various elements of hip hop and electronica, creating a wonderful sonic experience. He carefully mixes these to generate a nice, laid-back menagerie of sounds. The album is available as a pay-for-what-you-want download on BandCamp. It's a refreshing piece that's perfect if you're looking for something to play on your chill house party or simply something to relax to.

Tracing Arcs: Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit)

Tracing Arcs is the brainchild of British duo Fran Kapelle (vocal/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (synths/programming). Their previous record, Fin, met with plenty of positive responses and was also featured right here on our blog. Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit) is a followup to their 2010 release, Eye See You Too, from German netlabel, iD.OLOGY. This second album features "remixes of songs from some of the finest artists in the netlabel scene, as well as Tracing Arcs themselves." Their music is a mix of electronica, trip-hop, jazz and a deep drum and bass sound that exudes plenty of cool and moody beats.

Music for Danny Devito

Did you ever put together a mixtape (or to be more time appropriate a mp3mix) to give it to someone special, or did you ever got one yourself? Yes, it might be a little bit old-school and some might even call it cheesy, but down deep inside we all know it is pretty - awesome. Well Mr. Devito you should feel special because MixGalaxy Records just 'gave' you a little gift of music. The compilation brings you one hour of great tracks ranging from easy listening, rock, and pop to ambient, dub, hip-hop, and electro-house. So give it a try... and a listen.
Netlabelism cover 12/10 compilation

Want to hear the best of Hip Hop, House, Inditronic, and Dub without spending hours sampling music on the web? Well turn your speakers up because you are in the right place, at the right time., an online magazine for quality netaudio, just released their next 12/10 compilation of the best tracks under the Creative Commons license. And it means that you can download it for free and share it with others as long as you give credit to the creators.

Deied: Formation of chaos

Deied is a German electronic duo composed of n1n0 and din-tah aeon. (Don't ask me how to pronounce those.) The duo is set on creating some of the darkest and coolest industrial, electronic sound there is. According to their website, this is the duo's 11th collaboration, although there are only 7 albums available in Jamendo as well as their official website that's up for free download. Formation of Chaos is filled with 10 dark electronic tracks that are often infused with melodic vocal work and layers of instruments. Basically, it's an album that combines a whole lot of synth, dark, symphonic musical elements that makes you feel as if you're moving through the deep dark woods under a full moon sky.

Cologne Commons Compilation 04

Cologne Commons Compilation 04 is a mix of some of the best pop, techno, electronic and dub tracks you'll find among Cologne's netlabel industry. It has become somewhat tradition during The Cologne Commons Festival to release accompanying records that help exhibit some of the best free and legal music in their part of town. The festival serves as an avenue to educate and promote free, legal music under creative commons license.

MaelStröM: Let’s dance to … forget

In the mood for a little dance-athon in your own apartment? MaelStröM's Let's Dance to... could work as your soundtrack. Filled with techno, industrial rock sounding tracks, it's enough to induce some rhythmic body spasms voluntarily or involuntarily. Let's dance to... features 12 eclectic, industrial rock songs with a touch of pop that's enough to probably make Trent Reznor even listen twice.