A fairly fresh ambient compilation that’s already generating buzz among internet music fans; Beat Culture’s Tokyo Dreamer is looking forward to a great year.

The 17 year old musician behind the album is a Korean born, USA based, Sunik Kim. He’s fairly new in the musical playing field but he’s definitely showing promise by expertly combining various synth sounds with careful pianos and pitched shift vocals.

As a results, the album is a rich hodge podge of sound that reflects an electronic ambient feel along with a hint of shoegaze rock for those few. 

Tokyo Dreamer contains tracks that would be perfect for dance clubs and quiet musings. Starting with the enigmatic, Shoreline; the track is a trippy mix of high volume synths and vocals that effortlessly combine to create a sonic landscape. The slower moments are equally filled in with piano work that twinkle and pulse randomly over the 2 minutes plus single.

Other cuts worth taking a listen to include Coastal Sentiments which features Beyonce’s Emotions; title-track, Tokyo Dreamer as well as the sparkly dance beat, Memory (Cassettes.) One of the things that tie the songs together is the constant running water at the background. This gives a sense of coherence to the cuts and turning the album into a unified whole.

If you’re looking for some chillout ambient sounds to accompany you, Tokyo Dreamer won’t disappoint. It’s a fairly good album that has enough variety to keep you interested and hooked to the sound.

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