Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Skinny Puppy

AstroLust: Illusions

Illusions is a world where only beats, rhythm and dub matter. Created by Dominic H. Francisco aka AstroLust, the album throbs and teases with various triphop dub sounds. There's really not that much info about the artist available online but one thing's for sure, his capacity to capture this cool and dark atmosphere by manipulating samples, synths and instruments is praiseworthy. This is the fourth release from the artist since June 2012 and it seems listeners can expect some more until the year ends.

United Noise: Remix Theory

If you're up for some industrial music, you'll find something to enjoy from this record by United Noise. Creating a dark, atmospheric, almost Rammstein vibe, Remix Theory is a complex album filled with synaptic beats and pulsating rhythms. The album was released back in 2011 and is described by the creators as "a remix album from a bunch of mental electro industrial techno heads who live in Scotland."

Awake! Awake!: New Prime – Episode 5 Soundtrack

Making their second appearance here in the Frostclick blog isMurfreesboro, TN group, Awake! Awake! Their first album, We've Been Strangers, was released back in 2007 and was a haven of infectious riffs and indie rock goodness. This time around, they're not only brandishing a deeper, more mental sound; they're also playing it in support of Olan Rogers' short film series, New Prime.

His Statue Falls: Collisions Remixed

His Statue Falls is a unique band in that they combine various genres to weed out their own characteristic sound. Mixing techno, screamo, pop and breakdowns; the German group dubbed their sound as "techcore." Music catches on fast and soon they were playing at more than 150 shows and other groups started to create a similar sound. Not to be deterred, the band pushed forward and continue to mold their music according to their taste. Collisions Remixed is based off their debut record and contains a spin off of some of their best tracks from the album.