(Metallica, Pantera, Slayer)


This album by NKVD is for those Music-Crazy people who just believe in one thing, and that is to bring the entire house down. NKVD: DEGENERATION is an Metal-Electronic Cybre Genre product, promising loads of bass, techno, metal and cyber beats. A particular song from the album that caught my personal attention was "Human Conception", it is hardcore metal and suddenly ventures into the Electronic arena, and pops up back with the Metal stuff. Metal fans are in for a treat to their ears with the amount of detailing put into the songs. Another track recommended is "Shadows and Blood", the song just screams Evil and Pain.

Braghetz: The Answer

Here is yet another outstanding album from Braghetz released through Viral Conspiracy Records. Take texture, noise and combine it with a hardcore music palette and you've got The Answer EP.

United Noise: Remix Theory

If you're up for some industrial music, you'll find something to enjoy from this record by United Noise. Creating a dark, atmospheric, almost Rammstein vibe, Remix Theory is a complex album filled with synaptic beats and pulsating rhythms. The album was released back in 2011 and is described by the creators as "a remix album from a bunch of mental electro industrial techno heads who live in Scotland."

Art As Catharsis: Stargazing under Southern Skies

Looking for a great compilation that will introduce you to new up and coming Aussie rock bands? Then you got yourself a great deal for stumbling across this awesome compilation. Stargazing under Southern Skies is a collection of tracks picked by the folks at Art As Catharsis. The Sydney-based underground label gathered together some of the best underground Aussie shoegaze, ambient, post rock groups and placed their music in one massive album.

The Blackfires: Live at The Cutting Room

It’s been awhile since we featured a balls-out hard rock band here on the blog, so here’s one record you can sink your teeth into. The Blackfires – Live at The Cutting Room captures the essence of the band’s sound. From wild riffs, impressive wailing vocals and crashing cymbals, the tracks from this mini session will resonate deep and hard for many fans of 70s rock and roll.