Cloudkicker, Ben Sharp, have already appeared on FrostClick with two of his previous albums, but there is always space for more, especially since his instrumental compositions are perfect as a backdrop to any day. More than that, Ben’s music is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License – giving you a green light to using it in your very own projects, for free.

The album, Little Histories, is a perfect commute companion. Smooth guitar picking mixing the classic rock and hard rock riffs with some more ambient sounds are more than just a pleasure to listen to. They make you give in, fully – something you would expect from a musician who is perfecting his sounds since 2007.


As mentioned by Valerie, one of our reviewers: “Cloudkicker isn’t afraid to crank up the volume if he needs to.” His subtle notes change just in time when you need a little dose of extra energy. Overall a great find for anyone in need of some new instrumental fuel.

Track List:
1. Parliament
2. Sky Guide
3. Chameleon
4. Digital Lightning
5. Hassan

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Creative Commons License
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