Here is yet another outstanding album from Braghetz released through Viral Conspiracy Records. Take texture, noise and combine it with a hardcore music palette and you’ve got The Answer EP.

Hailing from Civitavecchia, Italy, Mirko Braghetta better known as Braghetz offers ground breaking tracks that play on the border of electronic, hardcore, and industrial music.

Hard Society approaches with an experimentation of world elements, rugged percussion as well as futuristic instrumentation. The beauty of the track is in its dark noise that stirs to the core of the piece.

Warpzone plays with stretching electronic tunes that takes on a club appeal. It has the ability to give depth while living you transfixed in its viscous tunes.

Tracks like Psychedelic Vision and Drum n’ Noise pull largely on siren-sounding tunes and some noise, adding more texture to the album. These gems will definitely give you a brain crash in a good way.

Overall, The Answer EP is a selection that features abstract killer materials that induces intense sounds that blooming in your ears. Braghetz has clearly put a lot of time and energy to this album, as its tracks are solid and gives a coherent theme to the collection.

Track List:
1. Hard Society
2. Warpzone
3. Psychedelic Vision
4. Drum n’ Noise

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