D’Lyfa Reilly: Sewing Seeds

Creating his own mark in the hip hop scene, D'Lyfa Reilly is a young rapper from Machester, UK. Heavily influenced by life and the various people surrounding him, the artist creates a mix of rap and trip hop sprinkled with moody beats and lyrics. D'Lyfa is also co-founder of Red IQ, a hip hop group out of Manchester. As a solo artist, you can expect plenty of laid-back beats, solid rhythms and trippy sounds all over his tracks. Most of it are pretty likable especially if you like British infused hip hop. Sewing Seeds is actually a compilation of tracks the artist recorded and released between 2009 and 2010.

Bryn Thomas: Feel For Bumps EP

Feel for Bumps is the fourth EP released under indie netlabel, Cut Records. This four track compilation circles around hip hop, drum & bass and dub beats. The mastermind behind this EP is none other than Bristol based producer, Bryn Thomas. His brand of music explores various elements of hip hop and electronica, creating a wonderful sonic experience. He carefully mixes these to generate a nice, laid-back menagerie of sounds. The album is available as a pay-for-what-you-want download on BandCamp. It's a refreshing piece that's perfect if you're looking for something to play on your chill house party or simply something to relax to.

Tracing Arcs: Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit)

Tracing Arcs is the brainchild of British duo Fran Kapelle (vocal/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (synths/programming). Their previous record, Fin, met with plenty of positive responses and was also featured right here on our blog. Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit) is a followup to their 2010 release, Eye See You Too, from German netlabel, iD.OLOGY. This second album features "remixes of songs from some of the finest artists in the netlabel scene, as well as Tracing Arcs themselves." Their music is a mix of electronica, trip-hop, jazz and a deep drum and bass sound that exudes plenty of cool and moody beats.

Earwig: Under My Skin I Am Laughing

Earwig is a three piece band, led by the chanteuse, Kirsty Yates, Sergei Tardo, and Dimitri Voulis. This lineup only lasted for one record though, the experimental and hauntingly melodic, Under My Skin I Am Laughing. This compilation was originally released back in 1992 under La Di Da. This compilation is the only full length release from the electronic, experimental outfit. Afterwards, Sergei and Kirsty pursued on as the Insides. They released their record Euphoria to great acclaim and this also helped solidify their jazzy, trippy, and transient sound. Currently, the group are on hiatus. Their last effort as Insides was a full length record released back on 2000, Sweet Tips. Nevertheless, you can take a listen to this Earwig record and see how it all started.

Clones Of The Queen: The Gate EP

Clones of the Queen is a Hawaii based band that creates some sultry, techno, trip hop, rock sound. The trio is made up of frontwoman, Ara Laylo, guitarist Paul Bajcar and electronics by Matt McVickar. The Gate is their first EP and comes with 7 endearingly haunting tracks that's definitely worth your while. The album is filled with the band's signature brooding feel with a touch of spacey sounding indie rock. Laylo's voice is cold yet soothing when mixed with the synth soundscapes that often surround it. Ever since their beginning years, jamming together in a bank vault situation atop a coffee shop; the band has come quite a long way. Although they're still at the beginning stages, you can tell that this band has a bright future ahead. Take a listen.

IntraHeath International remix of Youssou N’Dour’s “Wake Up”

Some time ago Intrahealth International released a special remix in honor of World Malaria Day. The project was put together by rapper Mopreme Shakur, brother of the late Tupac, and soon included ten tracks all being a remix of Youssou N'Dour's song "Wake up - It's Africa Calling". The purpose of the project was to address the most critical health issues in Africa by bringing greater awareness of and support for open source training/development for health workers across the continent.

Music That Matters: KEXP

I fell in love with the series nearly two years ago during one of my lovely commutes to work for one simple reason - it brings you the most amazing variety of music just in time when you can no longer listen to the same songs you had on your iPod since 2000. Each podcast comes with a theme and a selection of sounds (from nearly every genre imaginable, with a slightly greater love for alternative and indie rock) put together by some of the greatest DJs from Northwest.

netBloc Volume 31: Goodbye, Hello

BlocSonic once again releases their infamous collection of lovely, free tracks that music lovers everywhere can enjoy. The label unleashes several compilations throughout the year. This includes, maxBlocs, which consist of promotional maxi singles; Originals; Extended Editions, Extras and netBlocs, like this one. This is the 31st netBloc from them so far. For compilations like these, they gather up about 10 or more indie artists from all over the world; offering a peek at the music they play in the album. It's definitely an awesome way of discovering potential new playlist staples. The record is available for free download under three formats, simply choose which one you most prefer and enjoy!

Monoh: Porno EP

Monoh is a quiet, trippy and sweet sounding band from Spain. Although it's hard to gather up information about these guys, their debut EP is quite interesting. It's full of melodic trip-hop pop sounds that makes you think of a happier Sneaker Pimps. Their collection of 5 tracks in their EP showcase very sweet vocals, all playing against a diversity of weird instruments. The compilation is filled with a range of sounds from happy, slightly danceable music to somber and dark atmospheres. If you like trip hop with a touch of sweetness, then take a listen to this EP. Porno EP is under a creative commons license and is available for download in Jamendo, right here on Frostclick or from the group's Myspace Page.