Stray Cinema

If you have been looking for way to try out film making but you simply don't have the resources and time to put together and entire set, gather a cast, and find the ideal location, then you might want to give Stray Cinema a try. What is Stray Cinema? It's an open source film that lets you use the raw footage and allow you to piece together each one to create your very own movie. Essentially, the challenge is to create your own version, maybe even better than the director's take of the film. The program will let you edit the raw footage so you can make the film entirely your own. Straycinema.com also holds contests and conducts screenings based on the participants' works. So if you have been looking for something to help you give film making a try, Stray Cinema could be your best bet.

Zhang Liming: A Gift of Despair for My Friends

Okay, for a moment, I want you to stop thinking of music as entertainment, and stop thinking of musicians as being the ones fully responsible for bringing their music to you and spoon-feeding you its meaning. Instead, just for a short while, consider the process of making music more as a collaborative effort, where you and the musician share equal obligation in the end result.