If you’ve got clothes you no longer need and want to sell them, Poshmark is an app that can help, and if you’re a buyer looking for good deals, you’ll find this useful as well. There are a growing number of buy and sell apps for Android and iOS, but this is the only one that’s made expressly for fashion.


Buying and selling stuff online has become commonplace on computers, but it’s still somewhat unwieldy on mobile devices. But if you want to buy and sell with your tablet or smartphone, you can give Mercari a try: this is a classifieds app that allows you to shop for clothes, gadgets, books and many other things.


Buying and selling stuff is something most people do nowadays on their desktops and laptops, but what if you want to do this on mobile? Well you can try Offerup, an app designed to help you buy and sell items locally, as with this app you’ll be able to access a virtual marketplace that’s easy to use.

cPro Craigslist Mobile client

The cPro Craigslist Mobile client from Escargot Studios may look like just another one of the many Craigslist apps out there, but it’s a cut above the rest owing to its many features like a map browser, photo viewer and easy to use account management features. Moreover, the app’s interface is easy to navigate and you just need a few taps to post an item on Craigslist or search for an item.