WebMatrix is a web development tool developed by Microsoft, and with this cloud connected tool you’ll be able create, publish and maintain your website easily. With this application you’ll also be able to use HTML5 templates, Node.js, Php, ASP.NET and use the newest standards like CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript.


JStock is a multiplatform open source program that enables you to make a stocks database. You can download these and deliver charts and data. This is done in real time and you can do it in more than 20 stock markets in the world. The software also helps you configure stock portfolios. Using this feature you can easily calculate your loss and profits.

CamScanner Free

CamScanner is a mobile document scanning app, but unlike others, the app uses a proprietary algorithm so the images you scan are much clearer. Once you’ve installed this app from IntSig Information, you can use CamScanner to scan, sync, collaborate and store documents on your computer and mobile devices.

My Data Manager

My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology is an app (iOS, Android) that will monitor your data usage. If you find yourself often going past the allocated limit, this should prove to be a useful app. However, this doesn’t just track data usage as it can do a lot more. One of the most useful though, is letting you see a data monthly forecast so you can stretch it out.

Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition is a free e-commerce solutions package. Developed by, this software application offers a wide range of features, including several administrative tools as well as numerous marketing options and functions. In addition, the software comes with a full complement of SEO tools.


WordGraph is a free alternative word processor for Windows, and unlike other free software doesn’t require you to download and install Java or .NET. The program from Van Loo Software has all the features you would expect from a full featured word processor but at the same easy to use. It can handle long complex reports, provides full formatting and more.

SSuite Personal Office Suite

Suite Office Software is a totally free alternative to commercial office suites. The field of freeware office suites is very competitive, but this one stands out for many reasons. It comes with a word processor (WordFormat 2), a spreadsheet (SpreadForm One), PDF Memo Creator and NetSurfer One, a web browser. Its email client is called My EZ Mail. The suite also comes with an envelope printer, a sorting utility and some games. WordFormat 2 has a simple and intuitive interface. You can save files in txt, DOC and RTF (rich text format) formats. You can even save the files in Pascal and C++ formats. It comes with statistics, formatting, grammar and spelling, word count and other features.