The cPro Craigslist Mobile client from Escargot Studios may look like just another one of the many Craigslist apps out there, but it’s a cut above the rest owing to its many features like a map browser, photo viewer and easy to use account management features. Moreover, the app’s interface is easy to navigate and you just need a few taps to post an item on Craigslist or search for an item.

There are also built in notifications which will alert you if matches to your search become available. If you want to expand your search the app can look in several cities, and the map browser allows for fine tuning of searches. The app’s photo gallery is very serviceable and includes descriptions of the items, price and links for more information. As you might expect there’s a listing preview and if you see something interesting, tap the link or the picture to get a larger image.

cPro Craigslist Mobile client_screenshot

You can narrow the search to a particular city but it’s expandable to other Craigslist cities, countries and continents. The content is divided into categories like jobs, housing, items for sale etc. so finding what you’re looking for won’t be a problem. Aside from time post indicators, the cPro Craigslist Mobile client lets you refresh right on the view page, saving you time.

If you use Craigslist regularly then this app is worth a try. It gives you access to the service wherever you are, and it’s easy to use. Even though there are many apps like the cPro Craigslist Mobile client, this has the edge in terms of features and usability.

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