Venmo is a financial app that lets you send money without any charges, and it works with all banks. It’s available for the Android, iPhone and the iPad and you just need to create a personal account and provide your credit / debit card and bank details. Once you are authenticated you’re good to go.

The more complete the information you enter the more money you will be able to send up to a weekly max of $3,000. The app analyzes your phone’s contact list and looks for anyone else who is using Venmo, and there’s an option to import your Facebook profile and make a friends list from there.

There’s an option to set the transactions private and the payment process is secure. What makes this app appealing is the ease by which you can do the transactions. Tapping the bill icon on the corner lets you choose from your friends list, and from there you just need to choose between asking for or sending money. Add a description and you can send the bill, that’s it.

Venmo also has notifications so you will be alerted when the person you sent the money to has responded or if there are other bills you have to pay. The app also keeps track of all the transactions you made, and you can use this app as a virtual wallet to cash out or to store funds. In other words, Venmo has a lot of useful features, making it an ideal financial app if you’re often mobile. It’s quick, easy to use and secure, pretty much all you need for financial transactions.

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