123D Make

So you just made a cool 3D model, but wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that into a real object you can hold? Well, 123D Make by Autodesk allows exactly that. How does it do that? It turns a 3D object into cardboard templates. After printing these templates, you can use these to cut cardboards or foams. Glue them together, paint and your virtual 3D object is literally in your hands. The program is a bit different from other 3D graphics software, but it will only take a while to get used to the interface.

Simple Comic

There are many comic readers for the Mac, but Simple Comic from Dancing Tortoise is a cut above most. Not only is it free, but it makes comic reading easy and comfortable. The program’s strength lies in the simple interface and how simple it is to move among pages. After opening the app, you have the option to load two pages or center it. You can browse pages using its scrollbar. Simple Comic will display thumbnails. This is a very convenient feature that will save you time from going back and forth.

iBooks Author

Fancy yourself a writer or author? If you own a Mac then chances are, the company just made it easier for you to create your own digital book. iBooks Author is a simple and easy to use program for Mac that helps writers put together their own book. Even though almost anyone can use it, the program is specifically geared towards educators or textbook makers who might be interested in creating their own interactive manuals for class or projects.

Sketch n Draw

Unlock the artist within you by playing around with a simple yet amazingly addicting app like Sketch N Draw, available for Android. The app helps the users in letting the creativity run wild by vesting full power of imaging and sketching. Created by Abhishek Kumar, the developer seems to have created a wide range of apps on the market and has achieved some great download numbers in a short span of time. Sketch N Draw does look like an app with little or no lag at all.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Ever felt the need for a photo-editor right on your smartphone? How many times have you got the picture-perfect look, but a little tweak would not do any harm? Well than, say adios to your desktop editor and lay your hands on the Adobe Photoshop Express for Android. The Photoshop family is nothing new to the editing scene and with its availability on Android platform, the game just gets bigger. Photoshop Express gets editing done in a jiffy and before knowing, you are ready for Social Networking upload.

Color Touch Effects

Always envied the photo effects of the big-wig fashion magazines? Loved the way the beauty of the landscape was shown through your eyes? Well, no more do you require a photo-suit costing a bomb as Color Touch for Android works like a charm. Created by Swiss Codemonkeys, this developer is an experienced player in the Android Market scene. Casual and fun apps might be their forte but on a serious note, they really do not disappoint with Color Touch a bit.

Photosynth by Microsoft

Always loved the professionalism associated with the premier Adobe Photoshop suite? Having a powerful iOS device within your reach, but the image manipulation suites available on the App Store just do not do justice to your creative poweress or are just downright there to make a hole-in-your-pocket? Whatever the reason might be, Photosynth by Microsoft is the answer to your prayers. Developed by Microsoft Corp, there is not much needed to say or tell. Microsoft in itself is a huge name and quality is assured as well as guaranteed. This is one app that every image manipulator on iOS should own.


Anyone designing DWG files knows AutoCAD. This is one of the best DWG file creators with visuals that can only be sought in powerful, hungry and monster-spec rigs. The availability of AutoCAD WS for iOS takes mobility of this powerful graphic solution to the next level. Developed by Autodesk Inc. this is one app whose quality and tool integration cannot be questioned. AutoCAD WS really brings power of accessibility into the hands of the users.