Ever felt the need for a photo-editor right on your smartphone? How many times have you got the picture-perfect look, but a little tweak would not do any harm? Well than, say adios to your desktop editor and lay your hands on the Adobe Photoshop Express for Android.

The Photoshop family is nothing new to the editing scene and with its availability on Android platform, the game just gets bigger. Photoshop Express gets editing done in a jiffy and before knowing, you are ready for Social Networking upload.

Photoshop Express does not get the entire desktop functionality to the smartphone. In reality it brings you basic touch-ups and fixing tools like Crop, Flip, Rotate, Add borders and other quick fixes. So the entire concept circles around photo sharing on social networks.

Although the desktop edition of Photoshop comes with a gamut of options not available in the smartphone app, do keep in mind the huge price gap. There are quite a few editors in the game for Android, but with Adobe brand-value and a Photoshop tag, people should be more than willing to give it a try.

An interesting functionality within this app is the support for uploading and sharing of pics on Photoshop.com, Twitpic, Facebook, E-mail all with a single-tap. Users with a Photoshop account get additional access to store mobile photos on Photoshop.com. Then sync pictures taken on your mobile device with photoshop.com Library, giving you full access to all the pictures on any device.

The Adobe Photoshop Express app has many limitations to it, and the new update has gone down not-to-well with users. Some are complaining about how the original resolution of the pictures is not maintained. Few have also mentioned shortcomings such as the lack of change log, no editing on downloaded images, problems in Facebook uploading. However according to some, these might be device dependent and users with the latest Android OS update should have non of such problems. Hopefully.

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