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Monk Turner: Kaleidoscope

Monk Turner's name might as well be synonymous with awesome, catchy and creative music. His exciting concept albums have always garnered a positive response. This time around, with friends in tow, his latest album Kaleidoscope, is looking to live up to expectation and deliver more. This is his 23rd concept album so far. Tackling on the rather serious subject of race and color; he collaborates with fellow musicians, poets, artists from different backgrounds, beliefs and culture. Together, they peel back the many layers of the subject while fusing it with catchy rhythm, heavenly sweet vocals and gorgeous beats.

Midnight Cassette: A Hearing Gold Compilation by Hearing Gold

Midnight Cassette is the latest compilation album from Vancouver-based music blog, Hearing Gold. The on-line magazine "presents material utilizing the marriage of musical innovation and affective visual aesthetics to evoke feeling in the senses." The album is made up of music from some of the site's favorite bands, producers and artists, in general. According to the group, the concept behind the compilation was to create a set of "tracks to listen to while freely cruising the road on a long, introspective drive."

P.R: Introspection

Slowly but surely, Aussie producer/musician, Pedram Rouzbehani or better known as P.R, is paving his own little road in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from life and his cultural upbringing, he creates music that resonates with great hip hop and lounge beats. Introspection is his latest effort. Drumming together six relaxing and soothing instrumental tracks; the album is currently offered absolutely free over his BandCamp page and licensed under Creative Commons.

The Velvet Chameleon: Dandruff

Adarsh Fernando aka The Velvet Chameleon is certainly one talented guy. Inspired by musicians like Led Zeppelin and Radiohead; the guy knows how to create sonically entertaining tracks. Dandruff contains 4 tracks and belongs to the set of EPs the artist plans to release for 2011/2012. This might seem like a short album with only very few songs but there's no shortage in interesting and likable cuts on here. The EP is offered as a free download and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

The Black Atlantic: Darkling, I Listen

The Black Atlantic is no stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, their previous record, Reverence for Fallen Trees, was featured here before. Despite their rather melodic folk sound, they list metal bands like Slayer and Metallica as among their influences on their Facebook page. Whether it's a tongue-in-cheek name drop or not, if you listened to Darkling, I Listen; it's hard to find these influences. They don't seem to need it though since the group is fully capable of mesmerizing their audience with their subdued indie folk ensembles.

Cloudkicker: Beacons

Okay, Cloudkicker officially has my vote for being one of the sickest metal bands offering music for free online. Even more impressive perhaps is the fact that there's only one guy manning all the luscious mayhem you hear when you hit the play button. Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker, has been winning praises and reviews from artists and enthusiasts everywhere thanks to his consistent, enjoyable and innovative sound. Beacons is his second album and was released a couple of years ago in 2010. Featuring 10 loud instrumental progressive rock tracks, you'll find the record as a good distraction you'll want to entertain for a long time.

H.W. – Wall Papered Exit Wounds

Despite being new to the scene, young rapper, Hazardous Wastes or H.W. is already getting praises for his sound. It's not just the catchy music he creates but the fact that he's got compelling and interesting lyrics to match. Self described as "the Ben Folds of this rap shit," this Boston-based emcee offers 8 tracks from his latest compilation, Wall Papered Exit Wounds. The introspective rapper shares his insights about recovering from heartbreak as well as discussing general questions about how things turned out the way they did.

The Symphony of Science: Collector’s Edition

Occasionally, you'll come across really unusual albums online that you can't help but be fascinated with them. The Symphony of Science is one of these records. Taking a clue from the title alone, you can tell it's gonna be a geeky and quirky ride. The idea behind the record is to bring "scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public, in a novel way." Spearheaded by John D. Boswell, he initially released the experimental collaboration on video. Combining lectures and essays with a mix of electronic melodies, he created a unique record that's not only enjoyable but also quite enlightening.

GDaddie: Ride With Me

Finally rewarding his listeners with a new release; GDaddie is back with his latest record, Ride With Me. Creating a more energetic mix of electronic, blues and funk, this recent compilation is a great follow up to two of GDaddie's album: The Truth (2011) and Gone (2009.) Ride With Me is released under Memory Format label this time and marks their 12th one so far. It's a funky mix of sounds that showcases the artists' psychedelic infused electronic taste. All 13 tracks are special and feature a little bit of the many influences that has shaped GDaddie's career so far.