Adarsh Fernando aka The Velvet Chameleon is certainly one talented guy. Inspired by musicians like Led Zeppelin and Radiohead; the guy knows how to create sonically entertaining tracks.

Dandruff contains 4 tracks and belongs to the set of EPs the artist plans to release for 2011/2012. This might seem like a short album with only very few songs but there’s no shortage of interesting and likable cuts on here.

The EP is offered as a free download and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

With a fusion of piano, slight pop rock drumming and beautiful samples greeting you; title cut, Dandruff, is a complex yet sophisticated ensemble that shows the artists’ adeptness in making various sounds work. It’s fully instrumental but knows when to grab your attention and when play secondary. Certainly one track that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s followed by a more acoustic alternative rock single in the vein of Radiohead. No Luck, might as well be lifted from the English band’s OK Computer. There’s a lovely balance of guitars, vocals, and good rhythm on this one; making it an instant must-listen. The album is finished off with, No Dice, feeling like a danceable indie track while, The Easy Life, sees the artist stripping down to a guitar, raw vocals and wearing his heart on his sleeve. Of course, the song swells into a slight rock ballad affair in places but it still maintains that gorgeous laid-back acoustic vibe.

The Velvet Chameleon is one of those artists that’s well worth your time. Even though short, this EP is nothing but one great track after another and if you check out his other releases, you’ll likely get the same high quality sound. Go ahead and grab the download. This one comes highly recommended especially for indie rockers out there.

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