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Monk Turner’s name might as well be synonymous with awesome, catchy and creative music. His exciting concept albums have always garnered a positive response. This time around, with friends in tow, his latest album Kaleidoscope, is looking to live up to expectation and deliver more.

This is his 23rd concept album so far. Tackling on the rather serious subject of race and color; he collaborates with fellow musicians, poets, artists from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Together, they peel back the many layers of the subject while fusing it with catchy rhythms, heavenly sweet vocals and gorgeous beats.

Living up to its title, Kaleidoscope is a veritable musical collage that showers listeners with some of the most quirky, catchy, thought-provoking and awesome cuts around. That might seem like an oversell but listen to the record and you’ll easily spot each of these characteristics and more.

There’s never a dull moment when you put this on; every turn of the track, you get something different. A few personal favorites include opener, The Illuminated Self (featuring Jacke Karashae) which soars with a Jack’s Mannequin vibe. There’s also the quirky and delightful Totally Blue which showcases the bluesy vocals of Fascinoma (Alanna Lin.) Among the spoken word cuts, the most charming include Chartreuse, Tan and Yellow.

Even though I mention favorites, the entire record is the type you listen to from beginning to end. You just can’t help it. Each song pushes a fresh idea to its listeners and coupled with some of the most talented musicians/artists; it’s really hard to turn down a listen.

Whether you’re a fan of Monk Turner and his concept albums or not yet, do yourself a favor and grab the download. You rarely stumble on great (not to mention free) albums like this. Don’t miss out on hitting that download link. Enjoy!

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