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Mark.Nine: Bicycles

Containing a mix of flowy and sometimes gritty instrumental tracks, Bicycles is more of a metaphore for how these two wheeled contraptions allows us to travel and take us to places. Mark.Nine's sound is a lot like that. It's both soothing and disturbing (on occasion) compelling its listeners to seek what's beyond. There's a mix of uptempo rhythms, to ethereal sounding cuts; there are even slight dance tracks contained within some of the singles. Not much is available about the singer, even his Facebook info section only states that he's "a figment of your imagination." His sound is real though and it's quite worth taking a listen to.

Sostanze Records: Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2

Back with a great collection of music in tow, Sostanze Records is releasing their big follow up to their successful compilation album, Don't Believe The Hype. Don't Believe The Hype Pt. 2 contains the same energy and great selection of tracks like its successful predecessor. Sostanze Records is an online netlabel that specializes in giving electro drum and bass/visual artists a chance to share their work. Everything they do is under a Creative Commons license and offered for free download.

Corrigan: ’94 and Before

Corrigan is a Brighton, UK based band that delivers a host of uptempo power pop tracks in the vein of bands like Boys Like Girls and The Getup Kids. The group does its best to deliver an enjoyable pop punk album that swirls with guitars, fast drumming, whiny singing and catchy melodies. '94 and Before is a set of 11 tracks released for free over at Death to False Hope Record. This is the debut record for the band and it looks like they have a bright future ahead of them.

Fraser James: Gone From Here

Creating beautiful acoustic indie pop, Fraser James, has a knack for capturing any listener's attention with only his guitar and sweet vocal chops. Gone From Here is a debut EP from the St. Albans singer. It delivers music that seems ideal company for cold afternoons with hot cocoa on hand while silently taking in the quiet day. You'll find 8-tracks in this compilation, all recorded between winter of 2010 to summer of 2011. Almost all of them were written by James except for Flume which is a Bon Iver cover.

Monarchs: ft. Celeste – a Monarchs Mixtape

Monarchs is a surprising band that people who enjoy hip hop, alternative and soul should take note of. The group is led by the sultry and sexy Southern belle, Celeste Griffin. Currently based in Austin, Texas; the singer has several backing musicians that help complete her crew. Together, they combine to create a powerful and soulful sound complete with catchy beats and samples. Ft. Celeste is their latest record. They've released previous ones too, particularly The Rise and Fall; Those Words, Those Frames and The Oak EP. All of which are up for purchase over at BandCamp.

Kevin Burdick: In Your Cocoon

American singer/songwriter and pianist, Kevin Burdick creates contemporary piano rock ballads that's both soothing and relaxing. Currently based in Utah, the singer has had 5 releases under his name. Among his albums is this 4-track compilation, In Your Cocoon. It's a few years old but it's a great record to have if you want to dip your toes into the artists' sound. Sounding off a bit of Billy Joel and Elton John, Kevin Burdick is steadily making his name known worldwide. He's performed in various key cities as well as arena sized crowds; delighting the audience with his soulful ballads while adding a sweet touch of rock.

John Graham: Success In Retrograde

One exciting hip hop artist to watch out for, John Graham rolls out licks and rhymes that create a different kind of hip hop. He doesn't only have that rare talent but he's also bringing hip hop back to its roots while also incorporating a positive vibe. The man behind Ego Free Productions, John runs the company along with his partner, Amir. According to the singer, the company name was appropriate for the singer's brand of sound since he provides music that's "filled with positive messages meant to inspire growth and insight change." Success in Retrogade EP is an amazing record complete with 7 tracks. Each song carries a special message that you won't normally expect or associate with the hip hop genre.

The Paragons Of Goodness: The Edge Of Winter

What happens when two talented individuals join forces to create a record? You get one interesting and special R&B hip hop compilation that's definitely worth your while. The Paragons of Goodness is a two man crew made up of songwriter/producer/illustrator and vocalist Greg Blackman as well as engineer/producer/musician and owner of Long Track Studios, Nathan Wacey. Together they release this 18-track compilation that's filled with a host of lovely music. From smooth R&B to soulful hip hop and rap, the record has plenty of surprises for its listeners.

Ending Satellites: 7 Billion Passengers Only One Flight Left

Cinematic is one of the words that best describe Ending Satellites' new album 7 Billion Passengers|Only One Flight Left. Hints of rock, alternative and electronica litter across the album; making it an intriguing record to have. According to their site, the album is "both musical and photographic." The goal is to provide listeners a chance to explore the melodies along with images (which you can find on their site.) The album has a beautiful concept and it also features collaborations from several talented artists.