Okay, Cloudkicker officially has my vote for being one of the sickest metal bands offering music for free online. Even more impressive perhaps is the fact that there’s only one guy manning all the luscious mayhem you hear when you hit the play button.

Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker, has been winning praises and reviews from artists and enthusiasts everywhere thanks to his consistent, enjoyable and innovative sound.

Beacons is his second album and was released a couple of years ago in 2010. Featuring 10 loud instrumental progressive rock tracks, you’ll find the record as a good distraction you’ll want to entertain for a long time.

Filled with drum machines and some heavy metal guitar loop, We Are Going To Invert… helps you grasp the pandemonium involved with this musician’s sound. Although there’s nothing really significant happening in the song, (it’s just a loop of instruments swash buckling for about five minutes) it delivers great energy and prepares listeners for what’s ahead.

The succeeding tracks, Here, Wait a Minute! Damn it!  and  We’re Going in, We’re Going Down, help shape the instrumental landscape Cloudkicker skillfully paints. The latter is particularly a personal favorite, as the artist enamors with his use of complex rhythms and interesting riffs.

You’ll find track after track of great metal composition when you listen to this one. The best part is that this music is offered for free. Of course, it would be much appreciated if you show your support to the artist by making a donation his way. After all, you’re getting  such awesome tunes in return. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Grab the download and enjoy.

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