Chris Brown

The White Panda: Bambooyah!

Indulge yourselves on The White Panda’s 50-minute continuous mash-up album. Jam-packed with crazy ecstatic beats, Bambooyah! will definitely blow the steam off the night. Though the tracks may be brief snippets, every single one of them is a highlight. These are accentuated by the exciting diversions into psychedelic space.

Kevin Michael: Brainwa$h

Breaking news: not only Ke$ha can rock the dollar sign, but so do newcomer Kevin Michael in his new “meditative” mixtape. Channelling Justin Timberlake and at times, early Chris Brown, Kevin’s sleekly-produced collection “Brainwa$h” is a formidable alternative to the (sometimes annoying) dubstep-infested RnB music of late.

Jermaine Riley: Hello Earth

Jermaine Riley might not be a household name just yet but he's certainly worth keeping an eye on. Hello Earth is Jermaine's latest release following his previous records; Goodbye Krypton (which was his debut record) and Nine Ten Eleven - The Refixes (which was composed of remakes.) Both of which along with a couple of his singles are all available for free download, just like this latest one. Mixing soulful R&B with a cool hip hop dance rhythm, Hello Earth makes for a great club album or something to hold on to if you simply need some smoothing tracks for evening company.