Chuck Morgan: Chuck Morgan EP

After discovering Aaahhh Records two years ago, (Uniform Motion's Pictures was one the first reviews I did for the blog) they've definitely come a long way. They've added great acts to their roster and continue to deliver some of the most amazing indie folk compilations available. And yes, they're still offering everything absolutely free! Chuck Morgan is the newest addition to their lineup and he's definitely got that special touch as well. His self-titled debut EP echoes with a beautiful sonic presence. Armed with an acoustic guitar and gorgeous melodies, it's a record that's a potential staple on your playlist.

Futurelight: EP

Starting off with a song that will surely leave you stomping your feet, Futurelight’s EP is the type of musical package that keeps it short and sweet yet satisfying. With the band’s music being described as a mix between The Who, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, it is not hard to imagine the band playing in big arenas with the kind of sound they are carrying.

Portuguese Bend: The Coach EP

For those who are looking to add another name to their list of jangly pop favorites, Portuguese Bend is a band to watch out for. With the release of their three-track EP, The Coach, this New York band is making a strong case to let them into your music library.

Yael Meyer: Meet Yael Meyer

This week, listen to something new and Meet Yael Meyer, which is also the title of the LA-based songstress’ special edition EP released via Noisetrade. Fans of Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor may celebrate as this collection features five flavorful pop tunes that spin the word “fun” into a whole new sound.

Carousel: Palms EP

Carousel‘s latest EP, Palms, proves that you can never have enough electronic pop in your life. Whether you’re driving, on the train, or working, the Boston-based duo of Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman crafts the perfect anthems to jam to in every season.

The Early Reset: Full Potential EP

The Early Reset enthralls pop rock fans in Full Potential EP . Blasting with intricate instrumentation polished into shiny pristine notes, the five tracks in this album supercharges the listeners into a one-of-a-kind musical sensation. The Early Reset was created by singer/songwriter Steven Arthur four years ago, but went on a temporary hiatus after he moved to Hawaii.

Tei Shi: Saudade

Tei Shi‘s debut offering, Saudade, puts the spotlight on homegrown genre-less sound. With an affinity towards lush dream pop and airy 90s R&B, the indie songstress from Vancouver creates her music in a bubble of minimal yet haunting soundscapes, separating herself from the cultural sameness of the current sonic trends.

Swear and Shake: Ain’t That Lovin’ EP

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from folk rock group Swear and Shake. From their successful album, Maple Ridge, comes another stellar EP titled Ain’t That Lovin’. Here, the Brooklyn-based group of Kari, Adam, Shaun, and Benny treats long-time fans and new listeners with five fresh songs that have been created during the group’s tour.

Shoos Off: Most Times EP

LA-based group Shoos Off injects some funk into your day with Most Times EP. The album features five tracks that oozes with musings of pop, hip hop and r&b as well as a dash of eccentricity by using a wide range of instruments with a sense of control.