LA-based group Shoos Off injects some funk into your day with Most Times EP. The album features five tracks that oozes with musings of pop, hip hop and r&b as well as a dash of eccentricity by using a wide range of instruments with a sense of control.

The band consists of Jason Change (keyboard, piano), James Hsu (trombone), Patrick Killeen (vocals, keyboards, loops, prog drums), Jacqueline Pablo (drums), Gabe Soriano (tambourine) and Scott Zschomler (bass, guitar, keyboard, prog drums, additional vocals, shaker and tambourine).

Shoos Off performs a balancing act in this EP, with several genres working hand-in-hand without overpowering each track. This certain control and balance is shown in Caked (Luv N’ Again). This crowd favorite opens with a playful keyboard hook that immediately captures the listeners. Patrick Killeen crisp timbre and clean delivery blends well with the almost-electronic vibe of the track.

As Ingle unravel in our ears with a steady beat and layered vocals. The piece invests in the pristine subtlety of its arrangement, while still incorporating layers of sound such as keyboard hooks, shakes, and hints of folk/acoustic strings.

An upbeat and energetic track, My Concern is that kind of track that’s perfect for weekend getaways. Intricate guitar strummings envelopes Killeen’s controlled yet powerful voice. While title-track Most Times closes the EP in a serenade of charming tambourine, fluttering guitar and slow drum beats. Close your eyes and let this sonic gem glow within your spirit.


Stripped of all the shenanigans and hullabaloos, Most Times EP have something special that most artists lack or try to achieve, a distinctive sound that leaves an imprint to ears hours after it’s been played. Armed with an impecable taste in music, an eye for control, and a sense of control, Shoos Off is definitely a band to watch out for.

Track List:
1. Caked (Luv N’ Again)
2. As Ingle
3. East Coast Women
4. My Concern
5. Most Times

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