Freeze-Tag: Eskimo EP

Ohio native electronic artist Freeze-Tag introduces a dance based prisma-chromatic sound to the electronic soundscape. Utilizing melodies that are inspired by futuristic and retrograde tones, Eskimo EP fleshes out atmospheric tunes that balances between beat and flow.

Randa: Lunch Box

Are you in the mood for partying? If yes, then grab Lunch Box by Randa and be the house DJ for the night. This nine-track album offers laidback party tracks that will immediately put you in a cool mood. Released in June 25, 2012, the album’s mixture of galaxy magic has attracted a hefty core following.

Matthew Koutnik: Straight to the Sun EP

Newcastle-based musician/singer/songwriter Matthew Koutnik churns out an astonishing release titled Straight To the Sun. As remarkable as it is beautiful, Matthew Koutnik has crafted something truly out of the typical acoustic realm. Opener Nestled in the Wings wakes you with an abrupt recurring drums, whistles, and soundscapes that fade through the end.

Quietly Concerned: Homeless

Being ‘homeless’ is an eternal transitory period; it’s not as much as that of having no permanent residence, but more of a cathartic, endless journey. This is the atmosphere that South African folk musician Quietly Concerned (Kyle Meenehan in real life) evokes in his first EP, “Homeless”. Recorded in a house in Johannesburg and a mountain cabin in Lesotho, Meenehan flits from one form of love to another just like his nomadic lifestyle over the years.


ATWA by Nitch is an album that will surely blow your mind. With their heart-pumping tracks in the album, you are in for a grunge music experience. Listen as each beat of the drum, each groove of the the bass and electric guitars, and each kick of textured vocals enthrall your ears. Released last April 10, 2014, this album will surely elicit some solid head bangs.

Swimwear: The Kissing Machine

The Kissing Machine is an animated collection of synths, party beats, and guitars put together by Dappled Cities’ front man Tim Derricourt, also known as Swimwear. With the assistance of bandmate Ned Cooke, this feel-good album with four tracks was recently recorded over the Australian summer.

Great White Buffalo: Great White Buffalo EP

If you haven’t been introduced to the Great White Buffalo by now, here is the perfect chance. The L.A. quartet is poised to make the grade with their recently-released self-titled debut, Great White Buffalo, which boasts big hooks and a polished production, all thanks to Grammy award-winning producer Philip Allen (Adele, Aerosmith).