free iPad puzzle game

The Room

The Room from Fireproof Games is a puzzle adventure title, and it has won several awards for being one of the most creative games on mobile today. The graphics are among the most visually impressive on the iOS and Android, but more than that, it’s the gameplay that will keep you coming back. Everything takes place in just one room, but as you’ll find out, it’s a huge game.


Drop7 has been around for a while now, but game publisher Zynga has updated it for a new breed of gamers making it an always addictive title. The premise is simple and easy to learn, but mastering is difficult, so it’s another of those “just one more try” games that are so hard to put down.

Charades Free

Charades Free from Fat Chicken Studios is a puzzle game that you can play with your friends anytime on mobile. Charades Free also has a few games that are suited for single playing as well. Unlike other puzzle titles, there’s no need to collect virtual currencies here.


94% is a puzzle game from developer Scimob, and if you’ve seen the Family Feud game show, you’ll have a pretty good idea of how it works. If not, the objective is to find the most popular answer given by 100 people who were polled for the question, hence the title 94%. It sounds simple enough, but there are some challenges here too.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack isn’t the first trivia game to appear on the iOS and Android, but publisher Etermax made sure the game would stand out from the rest by incorporating unique elements. At the same time, there’s a familiar feel to it so the learning curve isn’t going to be difficult for casual gamers.

Bub – Wider

Bub or Bub Wider is a free puzzle adventure game that will have you playing constantly with your iPad. The objective is to protect a bubble that creates seed crackers. Made by ablemagic The action takes place in lush dreamy, surreal forests. The lush graphics is definitely one of the most striking features of the game. Players also have to avoid Suggerbabies, Thurns and Zanpets. Each Bublevel (as they are called) is linked with a specific forest. You can play in Classic or Action mode. Each scenario is full of the art-like graphics. The sounds and music are also pretty good. At only 9 MB, the game is a quick download.