Bub or Bub – Wider is a free puzzle adventure game that will have you playing constantly with your iPad. The objective is to protect a bubble that creates seed crackers. Made by ablemagic The action takes place in lush dreamy, surreal forests. The lush graphics is definitely one of the most striking features of the game. Players also have to avoid Suggerbabies, Thurns and Zanpets.

Each Bublevel (as they are called) is linked with a specific forest. You can play in Classic or Action mode. Each scenario is full of the art-like graphics. The sounds and music are also pretty good. At only 9 MB, the game is a quick download.

The advanced bubble calibration has made it easier for users to play. As Bub Wider progresses, players use their bubble to gather all sorts of stuff including jello, zing and fizbos. The end goal of course, is to create seed crackers.


When a player gets to a new level, you will come across friendly creatures, strange new flowers and deadlier enemies. The gameplay has the right amount of challenge and suitable for everyone.

The gameplay is deceptively simple but not without challenges. One of the coolest features of Bub Wider is the background shimmers when you grab a power up. You will also appreciate the way trees and objects reflect on the bubble.

Bub Wider is really a unique puzzle adventure game. It’s as much fun to play as it is to just marvel at the graphics. The game requires an iPad and at least iOS 3.2

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