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Letmein: The Bag

Punk rock from "non-punks." Although Letmein might not be true blue punks when they were growing up, they can sure create some powerful punk pop tunes without any problems. Letmein is a five piece band from Brescia, Italy. The group has a knack for creating punchy, poppy punk rock, even though they admit that they dislike listening to "radio friendly pop." Ironically, much of the tracks they have would feel right at home in any top 40 pop punk rock list.

Disen Gage: The Screw Loose Entertainment (Promo Version)

Progressive rock like no other from the Russian Federation. Bio chemists by day to prog rock minor gods at night, Disen Gage creates a fusion of jazz, rock and ethnic sound that doesn't shy away from complexities. Disen Gage creates music that incorporates highly intelligent/methodical rock and an experimental yet fun ethnic sound. The Screw Loose Entertainment easily passes off as a fourth King Crimson album.

Triplexity’s ‘Between Light and Shadow’ – smooth, groovy & sultry nujazz

Triplexity's Between Light and Shadow is a nujazz album fused with different genres to offer a bit of something to everybody. It features 12 tracks of different kinds of lounge music ranging from oriental to breakbeat. Triplexity is the combination of the words 'Triplex' and 'Complexity', mainly because it is made up of three musicians from different countries and culture, giving their music a touch of each of their personalities.

Ben’s Imaginary Band “Trust” EP – songs that tickle your imagination

When everything else around you feels like a dream, you end up slipping into your own imaginary realm. And with the help of Ben's Imaginary Band, it isn't hard to achieve. Trust EP is a surreal-sounding album, with hints of melodies which seem to transport you into your own world. The band's name may be a bit contrasting with the album's name (Trust + Imaginary seems to cancel each other out), but once you hear it, you'll definitely appreciate it.

Yachar “Tu y Solo Tu” – magical, passionate instrumentals

There are times when you simply have to snuggle down in your bed, light some candles, and listen to some music which transports you back to the times when you've watched fairy tale cartoons as a child. Or maybe you need to have that special music when you ask your special someone over for a special candlelight dinner. However you want the situation to be, Yanchar's Tu y Solo Tu would give you the magical and passionate ambiance that you are looking for.