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Staggered Crossing: Burgundy & Blue

Staggered Crossing has had their share of ups and downs; selling more than 20,000 albums, being signed (then dropped) from a major record label, and having a primary member of the group go through a near fatal accident. Despite the success and trials, Staggered Crossing still move forward and create great music. Burgundy & Blue is their latest offering and as expected, it carries 12 rock alternative pop tracks that's sure to impress fans and non-fans alike.

Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club: An Introduction To

Quirky songwriter and musician, Logan Whitehurst, has been known to many people as the dude that sings about robot cats and how it never rains on a guy named Alex. He's performed in several bands including being a founding member of indie rock band, The Velvet Teen. Although Whitehurst's career was cut short because of his illness, he released some catchy yet quirky tracks in his solo project; dubbing himself as Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club.

Happiness: Tar… Feathers Split

Tar...Feathers Split is a short 4-track teaser EP from Swedish groups Happiness and Tar...Feathers. Producing and showcasing lo-fi indie pop rock tracks that make you dance and squirm like a psyched up indie geek; these two bands sure know how to get you up and moving. Not only do these two groups share the same band members but they also have a penchant for creating 80s dance rock music, with a tad more funk and way better compared to the oldies. The actual album is worth checking out as it features 5 tracks from the Tar...Feathers and about 6 songs from Happiness. For the meantime, this short 4 track teaser EP is a great listen and serves as the perfect introduction to these talented bands.

White Owl: Pepper

White Owl is a Russian folk core group that creates some funky folk rock music. Equipped with different tastes in music, ranging from alternative, indie, hardcore, disco and folk, the band's music is a result of this diverse musical fusion. Pepper was released a couple of years back and comes with quirky, upbeat and fun tracks that's sure to get you moving.

Cologne Commons 05: Compilation

Here's another cool compilation from Cologne Commons that you can sink your teeth into. Cologne Commons Compilation 05 is a mix of indie pop, electronic ambient sounds that carefully showcases some of the best netlabel acts Germany has to offer. This awesome festival is a great place where businesses, artists, musicians and netlabels gather to celebrate everything and anything creative commons represents.

MARCH: Démo juin 2010

Catchy indie pop rock with a streak of bitterness. Composed of Swiss natives, Xavier on vocals; Jerome and Seymour on guitars; Pierre-Yves on bass; and Vincent; March makes their debut with a demo that includes three upbeat indie pop rock tracks. Filled with bitter, moody lyrics along with a nice blend of acoustic electronic sound; this demo from March deserves 25 minutes or more of your time.

Jay Bennett: Kicking at the Perfumed Air

Talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and band member, Jay Bennett, presents us with his final work, Kicking at the Perfumed Air. This new album (released posthumously by his family after his untimely death in May 2009) is a collection of 11 beautiful, somber, melodic tracks, released according to Bennett's own production notes and preference. It is a raw and emotionally charged compilation that is endearing even to those who are not familiar with Bennett's work. Best known for his contributions in twice Grammy nominated band, Wilco, Bennett has become a respected and well-known musician in his own right. Releasing five albums in total after leaving the band in 2001 as well as contributing to various albums from other artists; he has solidified himself as a musician that is truly worth respecting and listening to.

Sean Wright: BROKEN

Indie folk tracks from the crusader of free, legal music. Sean Wright is what you would call a constant advocate of the free music parade. The talented singer/songwriter and record producer has been a staple presence in the free music scene. Since 2007, he's been releasing one album a month and so far, he's still going strong. Almost his entire discography can be downloaded for free on sites like Jamendo. He has remained a constant presence on the online music scene and was also hailed by NME as a leading DIY artist.

Will Hammond Jr.: Soul Folk Continued

Neosoul progressive tracks with a touch of funk. Will Hammond Jr. likes to put on his sunglasses as he transforms into his alter ego, Soul Folk. Hammond is best known as a singer/songwriter who helped pen the Billboard hit for Tara Kemp, "Hold You Tonight." With the success of his songwriting prowess proven, he moves on to recording his own tracks and debuted his first album Soul Folk Continued in 2004.