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Volumina: This is Our Home, Please Come In!

Volumina is essentially Benjamin Z. A native of Mexico, this dude definitely knows how to incorporate whimsical sounds, instrumental reveries and sweet vocals into his music. The album is an eclectic mix of instruments and sounds that makes you feel as if you were living in an cool, romantic 8-bit, children's program. This is Our Home, Please Come In! is equipped with 8 beautiful tracks that can make you reflect; wish you were a musician and even do the robot dance. This experimental indie pop album is a fun and spirited effort from this artist. Essentially, you get that warm fuzzy feeling when listening to album, just like someone important is giving you that big long hug once you've gotten home from a long hard day at work. This album is available for free download on Canadian netlabel, Peppermill Records. Check it out and give yourself a cozy warm hug just by listening to it.

Monoh: Porno EP

Monoh is a quiet, trippy and sweet sounding band from Spain. Although it's hard to gather up information about these guys, their debut EP is quite interesting. It's full of melodic trip-hop pop sounds that makes you think of a happier Sneaker Pimps. Their collection of 5 tracks in their EP showcase very sweet vocals, all playing against a diversity of weird instruments. The compilation is filled with a range of sounds from happy, slightly danceable music to somber and dark atmospheres. If you like trip hop with a touch of sweetness, then take a listen to this EP. Porno EP is under a creative commons license and is available for download in Jamendo, right here on Frostclick or from the group's Myspace Page.

Plastic Evolution: At a wooden desk

Plastic Evolution's At a Wooden Desk is a dreamy, indie acoustic/electric guitar infused album. Plastic Evolution is a one man band from Nijmegen, Netherlands. As much as I'd love to tell you who he is, it seems that he's keeping that a secret. After several attempts at Google, all I could come up with is that he uses Gerben/Gnoeben as username on Last FM. I guess we can just settle with calling him Plastic Evolution for now. The musician creates indie lo-fi, alternative tracks right in the comfort of his bedroom. His album contains 6 tracks that are filled with sincere yet barely there vocals along with a great blend of samples, acoustic and electric guitars as well as a trippy mood. The album is available as a free download under a creative commons license. Go ahead and download it here in Frostclick as well.

The State Lottery: Cities We’re Not From

If straight up punk rock is what you like, you'll enjoy The State Lottery's Cities We're Not From. Fusing together the basic elements of punk with their own musical ethos, this album creates an exciting brand of matured punk rock. The tracks deal with growing up, experiencing new things and eventually moving on. From a traditional punk sound to melodic emo punk, the compilation easily makes these songs worth downloading.

Absent Feet: Soonrise

Relative newcomers, Absent Feet, has come out with their 5 track short album, Soonrise, through Jamendo. The album is filled with pop rock tracks that resound with slightly alternative pop vocals. Though they might look like the newest boyband on the block, the group's first foray into the indie music scene is actually worth checking out. Definitely an album that won't disappoint pop rockers out there.

Maria Rodes: Sin Tecnica (Without Art)

Spanish singer and songwriter, Maria Rodes, has released her latest album, Sin Tecnica. Now, I know that you might not want to listen to an album where English isn't the main language, but trust me, this is a worthy album. Maria Rodes creates folkpop indie acoustic tracks with a slightly alternative edge. Her voice is beautiful and her compositions and melodies are very pretty. Her tracks masquerade in simplicity yet are very rich and diverse.

Ornery Little Darlings: Ooh La la

Ornery Little Darlings create sexy indie rock that they describe as "“a highly improbable ornery-as-hell-love-child between Billie Holiday and Lou Reed." Although in places, it does sound like this, there are more elements to their songs than this. Made up of mainly Emmi Chen, Jason Ewers, and Paul Puschautz; the group's sound is characteristic of acoustic guitars, sultry female vocals and a 50/60s dirty rock vibe happening all over. It's one of those albums that make an impression after you hear the first track.

Oh My!: 21

Maybe it's The Strokes upcoming album that's getting me into the new wave/hipster mood again; hence, couldn't help but review Oh My! and their new wave flair. This Swedish band was formed in the small town of Sundsvall back in 2008. To say they "sound like" The Strokes is an understatement.  21 is filled with catchy and polished indie pop rock beats that mostly clocks in at 4 minutes or less. Giving you enough time to love it but not too much to make you tired of it. The upbeat sound and energy characterizes Oh My!'s sound. Currently, the group is busy playing gigs in their area and looking forward to making a mark in 2011. The group is made up of Johan Åkerström, Martin Huss, Emil Källman, Adrian Karlman, and Adam Lodin. Enjoy 30 minutes or so of new wave madness from these fine Swedes.