Many Miles Away is the first release from Quebec native, Ma√ęliss and the Daydreamers. This short debut EP is filled with soft indie¬†pop¬†tracks that contains abrupt rhythm changes and very sweet vocals.

Relatively new to the indie music scene, the band is currently touring and has just released their latest single “Seize the Day” on their website. Many Miles Away is a quaint little EP that features some of the sweetest and relaxing vocals you’ll ever hear. The EP opens with “Dad” which is a melodic cut that starts with nice piano work and soft vocals.

Towards the chorus of the song, it changes pace without notice and goes into an upbeat acoustic guitar infused rhythm then reverts back to the soft opening. Meanwhile, “I Don’t Know” is a reflective pop cut that’s perhaps one of the best tracks in the compilation. The rest of the cuts are equally lovable and enchanting in their own way.

Ma√ęliss And The Daydreamers released this EP back in April 2010. The group’s primary vocals, Ma√ęliss Teissier is a French singer that’s currently residing in Montreal. She’s backed up with an equally talented group of musicians, The Daydreamers. Alexandre Pag√© on guitars, Camille Brunet-Villeneuve on keyboards, F√©lix Riou Campbell on bass and Jean-Fran√ßois Nadeau on drums make up the latter.

Just one listen to the group’s EP and you can tell that it has potential to become a constant in your playlist, especially if you like dreamy indie pop. Although it does take a bit of getting used to at first, especially the no-warning rhythm changes; it does grow on you. Pretty soon, you’ll be all chummy and singing along to the lyrics to this indie pop number.

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