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Hot Fiction: Dark Room

Hot Fiction is a singing duo from England made up of Andy Yeoh on drums/vocals and Simon Miller on guitars. Now, from the opener "Start if Off," it's hard not to liken the group to another famous duo, The White Stripes. With their pounding drum beats and signature jangly guitars, Hot Fiction is definitely on the right track. Dark Room nicely blends jazz, blues, garage and hardrock into one fine and very hot mess.

Pete Vyler: This is Disaster

This loud punk masterpiece from French rockers, Pete Vyler, is a mix of hard rock punk with catchy phrases and cool chants. Pete Vyler is not just a single person, but a collective of four individuals living in the Southwest of France. The group share a penchant for 70s style rock n' roll, where excess and loudness sealed your place in rock history. This cool album is just straight up rock. It doesn't have plenty of bells and whistles; making it the perfect compilation to listen to if you just want good, loud, punk/hard rock music blasting from your stereo.

while they were sleeping: Pre-EP

Post instrumental Singaporean band quietly showcases their thoughts and ideals. Pre-EP by While They Are Sleeping is a short but melodically sweet sounding EP that touches your senses. Each single is entirely raw and some of the edges are a bit rough but the sound is dreamy and worth every minute. While They Were Sleeping entices you and sucks you into their blissful sound. So why not let it take you away, even for just an instant?

The Very Sexuals: Post Apocalyptic Love

The Very Sexuals have generated quite a buzz in the indie music scene by releasing their awesome melodic, folk pop infused albums. Along with their sexy name, this Dutch group creates some of the most sensual and interesting cuts around.

Post Apocalyptic Love contains some of the most interesting indie pop tracks around. Certainly an album worth playing in your iPod for a good long while.

The Black Sunn: GodSound

East Baltimore emcee, The Black Sunn, vividly illustrate life's good and bad points. GodSound is the latest offering from this talented emcee. Unlike most hip hop albums, this one resonates with positivity, but it doesn't ignore the reality of life as well. This is the second full length record from the rapper. With its poetic lyrics, dope beats and honest look at life; it's definitely an album worth checking out.

Fauna: Have u ever talked to angels?

Have u Ever Talked to Angels? is Fauna's third and highly anticipated release. It's been long overdue (four years to be exact) and features gorgeous triphop darkwave sounds that's coupled with enigmatic vocals on several tracks. The album is filled with 10 tracks that embody different emotions and soundscapes; conjuring up an interesting dream sequence and a whole range of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety, uncertainty and self-assurance. Perfect for a moody afternoon.

Aaahh Records: Remix is Love

Charming indie netlabel Aaahh Records is currently revamping their site. The good news is that before going off the net for a bit, they left us with this awesome compilation called Remix is Love. It's made up of some of the best tracks from their artists and if you're familiar with aaahh records, they dish out nothing but the best folk/ indie pop artists out there. Their current roster includes Entertainment for the Braindead, Uniform Motion, Emilie Lund, Keyboard Rebel, and The Wind Whistles. Of course, since it's a remix, most of the tracks sound nowhere from the original; making it interesting and fresh. If you are used to the sweet, folk pop sound of these bands' original sound, this is a refreshing way to hear or see them in a new light.