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Power und Beauty: The Gnome EP

Power und Beauty is an all-female dreamy folk pop act that plays with weird instruments. The Gnome EP is the group's first EP. It's filled with beautiful vocal harmonies and even lovelier melodies. These four very talented ladies joined forces to showcase this wonderful 4 track EP. Expect a fair share of whimsy, angelic vocal harmonies and a whole lot of accordion playing on this one. It's definitely something to enjoy as you pass the afternoon away.

MoOt: Demo

Brit pop music coming from a guy that sounds like a doppelganger for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. Demo from Moot is a straight pop album that sticks like gum on your shoes. No matter how much you scrape it off or try and get away from it, you know it's just there. That sticky feeling stays, for a very, very long time. Moot's Demo is a compilation of 6 tracks that follow the pop song formula. Basically, it comes with a verse, chorus, bridge and a catchy melody; all this running for about 3 minutes or so, leaving you no room to get sick or bored of it.

HARVEST: Underground Community

Indie alternative group that mashes girly vocals with prog-like instrumentals. Harvest's music might seem like girly indie alternative pop at first listen, but if you pay closer attention, you'll hear that there are hints of prog rock here and there. Underground Community is the latest album from Barcelona based band, Harvest. The album features 13 cleanly done and pretty likable tracks. With pretty vocals and a progressive sound, it's definitely an album worth looking into and trying out.

Mel’s: Hey Girl

Young French pop artist that makes you think "pop" is okay again. Even though she might not be the next pop princess, Mel's Hey Girl is a pretty charming album. Coming from such a young singer, the tracks on this mini-album is catchy and fun to listen to. For a first release, Hey Girl is a solid compilation of 5 beautiful melodic pop rock tracks that you can play in your Ipod on a laid-back day. Mel's albums, including her latest, Take Advantage, are released under a creative commons license.

Kemuzik: Kemuzik One

Kemuzik One is a beautiful collection filled with tracks that are perfect for any type of listener out there. All of the songs are being offered for free by their respective artists and compiled into this 13- song collection by Przemek Bobins. The album is filled with quiet, folk indie tracks that seem to serve as a perfect background album for your moody Saturday afternoon. Bobins promises that this won't be the first and the last compilation, so while waiting for the upcoming good stuff; sink your teeth into this one for now.

Mezzamo’s “Aloneluna” – indie pop/new wave release from Synthematik

If you feel like drifting off to somewhere relaxing and fun, you can count on the music of Mezzamo to take you there. Mezzamo, the best newcomer of the International Indie Festival Stereoleto in 2009, is one of the freshest and favored new wave/indie pop groups in Russia. Their creatively compelling video clips appear on various Russian alternative TV channels. The group was launched in 2006. They have released a Russian-language album called 'Mnogotochie' and an English-language single 'Everything You, which were both well-received internationally. Working the vocals that makes you feel so light and buoyant is the wonderful Shura Zhuravleva.

Uniform Motion: Pictures

As you wait for your train on the platform, you look up and glance at the girl standing right across at the other side. She looks spaced, staring directly in your direction yet not seeing you. You stare a while longer and suddenly you’re overcome with an urge to talk to her.

Ben’s Imaginary Band “Trust” EP – songs that tickle your imagination

When everything else around you feels like a dream, you end up slipping into your own imaginary realm. And with the help of Ben's Imaginary Band, it isn't hard to achieve. Trust EP is a surreal-sounding album, with hints of melodies which seem to transport you into your own world. The band's name may be a bit contrasting with the album's name (Trust + Imaginary seems to cancel each other out), but once you hear it, you'll definitely appreciate it.