Hot Fiction is a singing duo from England made up of Andy Yeoh on drums/vocals and Simon Miller on guitars. Now, from the opener “Start if Off,” it’s hard not to liken the group to another famous duo, The White Stripes.

With their pounding drum beats and signature jangly guitars, Hot Fiction is definitely on the right track. Dark Room nicely blends jazz, blues, garage and hardrock into one fine and very hot mess. Of course, the White Stripes sound is just one part of the entire picture.

The album is filled with a jazz blues influence that resonates in most of the tracks. The dancy, 50s/60s rhythm of My Girl Dances brings to mind the era of swing and big blues jazz bands. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a rockin’ party at the bayou. Other tracks like All my Love in Vain feature a more subdued sound but it’s brooding, almost cynical, take on love is spot on.

Vocalist Andy Yeoh provides powerful, raspy vocals that hold its own against the pounding beats ¬†and ecstatic riffs incorporated with the songs. Although the album is a classic lo-fi album, it’s not hard to imagine how the group would sound like on a live performance. It’s this beautiful mix of rock, blues and jazz that help to make any listener love this album.

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