Have u Ever Talked to Angels? is Fauna’s third and highly anticipated release. It’s been long overdue (four years to be exact) and features gorgeous triphop darkwave sounds that’s coupled with enigmatic vocals on several tracks.

The album is filled with 10 tracks that embody different emotions and soundscapes; conjuring up an interesting dream sequence and a whole range of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety, uncertainty and self-assurance. Perfect for a moody afternoon.

Listening to Fauna’s Have u Ever Talked to Angels? is a lot like getting sucked into a beautiful vortex where colors explode and mingle with bold black lines. It seizes the imagination and lets you float away without a care in the world. If this was triphop music’s sole goal, then this album definitely achieves it in flying colors.

From the haunting yet romantic opener, Slowly, to the mindblowing synths of 14th floor; each cut contains a great little surprise and carries its own little world. Regardless of whether the band belongs to the electronic, post-rock genre as they prefer or straight up triphop; there’s no denying that this is still a very likable compilation. A perfect soundtrack for all those momentary getaways.

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