This loud punk masterpiece from French rockers, Pete Vyler, is a mix of hard rock punk with catchy phrases and cool chants. Pete Vyler is not just a single person, but a collective of four individuals living in the Southwest of France.

The group share a penchant for 70s style rock n’ roll, where excess and loudness sealed your place in rock history. This cool album is just straight up rock. It doesn’t have plenty of bells and whistles; making it the perfect compilation to listen to if you just want good, loud, punk/hard rock music blasting from your stereo.

This album was released some time in 2005-2006. Their latest record, Double Spiral Snake, is also available for free download on Jamendo. This is Disaster breaks the floodgates with a self-titled song, Pete Vyler. This one features chanty vocals and catchy hooks. After a few listens you’ll be shouting “Blood Sucker!” every couple of seconds. Sick People is another track that’s cool to listen to. Like most of this group’s songs, the cut is a traditional punk rock cut with simple lyrics, fast drums and great hooks.

On the other hand, one standout track for me is People Talk. I love the ska feel of the intro. Definitely an awesome single that makes you get up and get moving. It would make a great cut on a mix of some of the best party music to play on your Saturday night shindig. Wake Up is a fast, riveting track that punches you like crazy with insane guitar licks, loud, ranty vocals and catch-me-if-you-can drums.

Pete Vyler is made up of Jeedee (vocals), Marc (guitars), Tof (bass),  and Phil (drums). A few influences they listed on their Myspace includes The Sex Pistols, Ramones and The Stooges.

This is one album worth the download. A hard rock compilation that will definitely fill your ears with good old punk rock!

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