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Chess Free

Enough of mindless shooting, reckless driving and crazy jumping, it is time to storm those brain cells and play something constructive. Yes, we are talking about Chess Free on Android. It is time for players to battle it out on board and defend their kingdom before they are hacked to the last pawn. Developed by AI Factory Limited, a top developer on Android, the game is very fluid and intuitive. Unlike other smartphone Chess games, this one does not make you pull out your hair in disgust neither does it make you lose patience. It is a perfect game of Chess made for the rookies, intermediates and experts alike.

Panda 3D – free game engine rendering program

A full 3D open source game engine that you can toy around with. If you have been dying to try out your game rendering skill but don't want to spend tons of cash getting commercial software for it, then Panda 3D could help you in that department. Panda 3D is a free open source game engine that can help you with all your basic game rendering needs. The software was originally run and developed by Walt Disney VR Studio while additional developments were put in by Carnegie Mellon University for the open source version. Panda 3D works great in cutting back cost and fulfilling game projects at a relatively faster pace.