Mosh: Monarchy

I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you without any hesitation that Monarchy may just be the most grandiose electronic dance album you’ve heard in a while. Released November last year, this eleven-track collection is Mosh‘s most accomplished full-length album. With the rise of the electronic genre, a lot of musicians equalizes “electronic” with “dub-step”, but Mosh veers away from the bandwagon making its own blend of hip-hop, electro, and punk sound.

Moses Luster and the Hollywood Lights: I’m The Lion

If you are tired of all the clean cut pop, rock, indie sounds no matter how good they might be and instead crave for something entirely new, somewhat dark and rusty than I'm The Lion is here to help. The lyrics sing of "low life crooks, doomed love affairs and a haunted past", the music comes filled with strong drums, some electronic beats, and that good old hollywood orchestra feel, while the vocals bring back the ghosts of the classics such as Johnny Cash or Tom Waits with just a touch of Leonard Cohen. A sure keeper!