I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you without any hesitation that Monarchy may just be the most grandiose electronic dance album you’ve heard in a while.

Released November last year, this eleven-track collection is Mosh‘s most accomplished full-length album. With the rise of the electronic genre, a lot of musicians equalizes “electronic” with “dub-step”, but Mosh veers away from the bandwagon making its own blend of hip-hop, electro, and punk sound.

This blend of cut-throat elements perfectly reflects in McQueen. The 5-minute piece stirs curiosity as it constantly switch gears within the structure, while focusing on a calculated tempo. Scattered guitar riffs add texture to the track.

Collapse follows in an experimental vibe. Featuring a plethora of upbeat tunes, tribal drums, and a dark electro backdrop, this song succeeds in experimentation without losing its funk.

Approaching with different levels of intricate riffs, Silence of the Swans encapsulates Mosh’s punk musings. The edgy opener transcends to spacey electro beats, which toned down and polished the whole piece.

Cruella came from the same mold as of the previous track, though the riffs are slower and extends more throughout the song. A chanting solo in the middle adds variation and flavor.


Title track Monarchy closes the album with simple, lush melodies. Grungy elements are set against a very down-tempo soundscape, making the two contrasting elements work together.

Mosh is comfortable in his own skin and it was greatly felt in Monarchy. This repeat-worthy album is a great upgrade to the electro landscape.

Track List:
1. McQueen
2. Collapse
3. Taurus
4. Leopold
5. Kingpin
6. Misbehavior
7. Silence of the Swans
8. Cruella
9. Odyssey XIX
10. Judgment
11. Monarchy

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