Pocket Trains

Pocket Trains from game developer Nimblebit is going to have you grow and manage railroads and do related tasks. This is a riveting simulation game where you haul cargo, gather parts and create trains. There’s a lot to do here but it is not so difficult you’ll get tired of it. In fact you will want to keep coming back for more.

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is one of the most popular games for the iPhone, and understandably so. For one thing, it is very simple to learn; you build a tower and maintain it. Only minimal skills are required. Every time you play the game, youll progress. But theres more to this game from Nimblebit of course. Your goal is to provide work for the Bitizens (the towers residents). It is like a virtual ant farm. You start with one tower and a lobby. If you go through the tutorial, you will be able to create your first floor and the production floor.