Please Come In!

Volumina: This is Our Home, Please Come In!

Volumina is essentially Benjamin Z. A native of Mexico, this dude definitely knows how to incorporate whimsical sounds, instrumental reveries and sweet vocals into his music. The album is an eclectic mix of instruments and sounds that makes you feel as if you were living in an cool, romantic 8-bit, children's program. This is Our Home, Please Come In! is equipped with 8 beautiful tracks that can make you reflect; wish you were a musician and even do the robot dance. This experimental indie pop album is a fun and spirited effort from this artist. Essentially, you get that warm fuzzy feeling when listening to album, just like someone important is giving you that big long hug once you've gotten home from a long hard day at work. This album is available for free download on Canadian netlabel, Peppermill Records. Check it out and give yourself a cozy warm hug just by listening to it.