Pop Punk

Father Figure: People Leave

People Leave is the debut release of Father Figure – a musical act of two people who have been collaborating musically for years. Composed of Sean Steinmetz and Matthew Babenko, both sharing vocals and guitar duties, and are both from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

Avenue: Garage Days

Aptly titled Garage Days, Avenue’s EP is a your average pop punk fare, but with a twist: the usual bass and electric guitar are replaced with a rawer-sounding acoustic guitar (strummed to its core) and basic drums. Though this sounds amateur-ish, it’s part of the EP’s charm.

Fine Young Firecrackers: From The Ground Up

If you're in the mood for some fine music, take a listen to Fine Young Firecrackers. This new band from Liverpool is among the latest group of awesome bands that have come out of the city. They bring in tons of energy, great beats and plenty of personality with their debut EP, From The Ground Up; making sure that you take notice and enjoy their sound. Their music is reminiscent of various feel-good punk pop acts that you put on if you just want some good, uncomplicated and enjoyable music to keep you company throughout your day.

Shearer: Monument

The underrated pop-punk band, Shearer have literally forged an album that is deserving of a Monumental status... Alright, this statement may be parabolic to an extent; nevertheless, Monument is still exceedingly addictive and wholehearted. Shearer have endowed this album with a sound comparable to that of pop-punk band, The Lost Profits and this vibe is most observable in the similarities between vocalists and guitar tone. In saying this, Monument demonstrates a happier mood and reflects the bands nature, in not taking themselves too seriously. This nature is further reinforced through their self-proclaimed influences of: Jaegermeister, cheap polish cigarettes and table water. Instrumentally, this band reminds me of Millencolin. Generally, this is due to a common use of cheeky, generic and bouncy simplistic verses in which lead to texturally thick and climactic choruses. These are often fashioned through an extreme contrast in dynamics and an addition of harmonic and sometimes multiple backing vocals. Additionally, vocal lines in which intertwine with the dominant voiced melody are also regularly used to enhance this contrast.