If you’re in the mood for some fine music, take a listen to Fine Young Firecrackers. This new band from Liverpool is among the latest group of awesome bands that have come out of the city.

They bring in tons of energy, great beats and plenty of personality with their debut EP, From The Ground Up; making sure that you take notice and enjoy their sound.

Their music is reminiscent of various feel-good punk pop acts that you put on if you just want some good, uncomplicated and enjoyable music to keep you company throughout your day. 

The EP starts off with the anthemic, Sound of Moving On. It’s one of those tracks that seem like perfect company when you were in your teens, struggling to make sense of your life. Equipped with a catchy beat, charming vocals (well, typical of what you’d hear in feel-good rock like this) as well as great lyrics; the song is a good candidate for your most-played songs list.

It’s followed by another upbeat number, We Grew Up Listening to Drive-Thru Bands. Although the title is a bit cheeky, it also rings true of the band’s sound, which borrows from various pop punk bands like the Ataris and New Found Glory. It seems like part of the heydays of pop punk when both the lyrics and the beat actually mattered. It’s one of my favorites in this mini record.

The remaining tracks Wrong Side of Town and Landslide, continue with the energy from the previous songs. Churning out glorious drumming, chanty vocals and very catchy rhythms.

If you lived through those pop punk phase, then this EP will no doubt be nostalgic. It’s a bit short but each track has its charm. There’s nothing groundbreaking about it though, but as a record you can listen to without much fuss; this one works great. Grab the download over at their BandCamp. This one’s absolutely free.

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