Most start-up bands are struggling to get out of the garage, but it’s a different thing for new band Avenue.

Aptly titled Garage Days, Avenue’s EP is a your average pop punk fare, but with a twist: the usual bass and electric guitar are replaced with a rawer-sounding acoustic guitar (strummed to its core) and basic drums. Though this sounds amateur-ish, it’s part of the EP’s charm.

The collection kicks off with “Time Will Tell”, is the singer’s ode to the girl of his dreams (what else?); pretty standard radio stuff, if you’ll ask us. The time element continues to “Year After Year”, which we suppose is their eventual bitter break-up from the previous song.

Home” doesn’t deviate much, and even the title track “Garage Days” goes on with the ‘the-girl-for-me’ thought train. Something tells us Avenue has written the entire EP with a certain muse in mind.

The penultimate song, “A Long Road”, is perfect Vans Warped Tour fodder: incessant drum pedalling and a metaphoric ‘long road’ for the singer and the girl [of the past four songs] to head down onto. This is sweet guilty pleasure, yo.

‘Garage Days’ closes with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (simple called “Rudolph” here), which is indicative of the future Christmas albums they’ll appear on, alongside those of Fearless Records.

Get ready, because the ‘garage days’ are coming back.

Track listing:

  1. Time Will Tell
  2. Year After Year
  3. Home
  4. Garage Days
  5. A Long Road
  6. Rudolph

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