Nothing New Under the Sun is an 8-track album from Colorado-based Reggae and Hip-Hop artist Dirty But So Clean (DBSC).

The album throbs with strong reggae beat merged with Dirty But So Clean’s light vocals. He raps skillfully over the songs filled with catchy hooks and wordplay.

Nothing New Under the Sun reflects DBSC’s strong faith and his growth as an artist.

In the first song, Dirty But So Clean talks about waking up, giving his prayers and getting ready to make the best of the day. The song focuses on change – particularly DBSC’s transformation since he became a person of faith.

“Wake me from my slumber/ Raise me up with Jah wonder/Lift me up when am under/ Help me up when I am suffering,” he raps on New Day.

A Girl Named Trouble is my favorite song on the album. The song is about a beautiful woman who the artist describes as trouble. The song has a classic reggae beat, and DBSC’s delivery did not disappoint.

“She is looking good/She is looking fly/She wants to catch your eye/ But she is up to no good/You never wish you would/She is going to make you cry,” he sings on A Girl Named Trouble.

Dirty But So Clean’s
lyrics on Something Good captures the message of the album and the singer’s state of mind. He asks why there isn’t much good in the world. He also demands that people be kinder and do more good.

The album makes for a good listen if you are into reggae music and uplifting lyrics. The message of the album is also very relatable.

Track List
1. New Day 04:13
2. Sheep Suit 03:28
3. A Girl Named Trouble 03:18
4. Soldier of Love 03:29
5. Something Good 02:41
6. Shine 03:32
7. Song of Memory 03:26
8. Sunshine 03:50

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