Take the ultimate chill pill by listening to a wonderful hybrid of reggae and hip hop tunes. Orlando-based group, Lovd Ones, serenades the listeners with a seven-track EP titled Mountains & Valleys.

Mountain Tops opens the collection with lush ensembles of beats and reggae stylings. Lines delivered in a reggae+rap fashion gives a fresh twist to the ears. An interesting dynamic between funky riddims, solid reggae, and warm, friendly rapping comes into play.

The soul and spirit of progressive, forward thinking is highlighted in Israelite State of Mind ft. St. Matthew. Vibes of smooth flowing tunes are interspersed with sharply written lines delivered in all its power.

While Where Were You ft. Monty G gives life to modern reggae with guitar riffs and dubby echoes. The combination of rocksteady arrangement and solid vocals is flat out wicked.


In Mountains & Valleys, Lovd Ones did an impressive job in keeping the fire of reggae music burning. Whether you’re a long-time reggae fan or someone who’s looking for pure chill-out music, give this album a chance, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on what you’ll discover.

Track List
1. Mountain Tops
2. Israelite State of Mind ft. St. Matthew
3. Never Down ft. Kern Brown & Sky
4. Where Were You ft. Monty G
5. Rise ft. Ram1, Dilllavou, & Troy Anthony
6. Least of These ft. Brenden Mcpeek, Ram1, & Dillavou
7. Sailing Ship

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