Regina Spektor

Sarah McGowan: Indian Summer

Summers in India are known to be very hot and humid, as the scorching sun makes your clothes cling to your sticky sweet skin. Good thing there is music like Sarah McGowan’s that feel like running an ice cube all over your skin. Her soothing music is a welcome relief when it becomes a little too hot to your liking.

Yael Meyer: Meet Yael Meyer

This week, listen to something new and Meet Yael Meyer, which is also the title of the LA-based songstress’ special edition EP released via Noisetrade. Fans of Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor may celebrate as this collection features five flavorful pop tunes that spin the word “fun” into a whole new sound.

Leftover Cuties: Past & Future

Get to know Venice, CA-based band Leftover Cuties, who has been making waves on the internet with their pop indie tracks with an old school flair. In Past & Future, the band transports us into a sonic jungle overgrown with trumpets, jazzy musings, solid beats, and hand-clapping rhythms.


Mastering the art of engaging entertainment, DRMS self-titled album is another powerful entry to the growing indie landscape. Hailing from San Francisco Bay Area, DRMS is an independent band of Rob Shelton , Emily Ritz, Andrew Maguire, Mark Clifford, Geneva Harrison, Jesse Cafiero, and Jake Nochimow. Released last July 28, their second album features ten tracks that explores the boarders of experimental, rock, and afropop music.

Jess Penner: Growing in the Cold

Jess Penner is a talented singer/songwriter that has been winning raves for her beautiful voice and sound. Based in LA, Growing in the Cold is the singer's latest compilation. It follows the successful release of her debut album, Love, Love, Love. Since her initial offering, her music has been featured on various TV shows, movies as well as commercial campaigns. Armed with a guitar and her sweet, sometimes quirky vocals; her music is lighthearted and filled with great melody that easily charms.

Kim Boekbinder: The Impossible Girl

Listening to Kim Boekbinder reminds me of a young Kate Bush - playful and electrifying. A performer, composer, musician and visual artist rolled into one, the Canadian-born singer lives up to the title of her full-debut album Impossible Girl. Released last December 2010, the 17-track collection had already garnered prominence among famous music fans including Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Rosanne Cash, to name a few.

Debbie Neigher: Debbie Neigher

Before you dismiss Debbie Neigher as just another wannabe Tori Amos with her piano playing skills and vocals; there's actually more to her than that. Neigher is a classically trained pianist and songwriter. This is a debut record for the artist and it's proving quite intense and personal. In it, she tackles various topics in her songs ranging from sexual assault to musings about what happened to her best friend. It's these lyrics plus the wonderful delivery that makes her sound more intriguing and worth checking.