Summers in India are known to be very hot and humid, as the scorching sun makes your clothes cling to your sticky sweet skin. Good thing there is music like Sarah McGowan’s that feel like running an ice cube all over your skin. Her soothing music is a welcome relief when it becomes a little too hot to your liking.

Taking her cues from talented artists of her time like Florence + the Machine, Feist and Regina Spektor, Sarah McGowan has embraced her individuality while still paying respects to the great female presence in the music world. McGowan was spot on when she self-described her music as “sweet with an edge” because you will not be fooled: she sounds like a pretty rose with thorns to catch you off-guard. Her debut EP Indian Summer makes a claim for a spot in your musical radar.


If you want a more Best Coast-y vibe, opening track Williamsburg Boy fits the bill. There is a definitive beach pop/rock sound to it. You can easily imagine baking under the sun while this plays in your earphones. It sounds just as how summer days should be: light, breezy, and fun. McGowan even injects humor as there is a line that goes “I would literally fucking die” in case the Williamsburg boy doesn’t like her back. Pretty typical of summer romances, don’t you think?

Title track Indian Summer displays McGowan’s vocal prowess. This is her way to make you notice that she can sing, that underneath the fun and her youthfulness, there is an artist that demands to be taken seriously. It is a powerful song that demands attention. And you should be because McGowan’s music will tap you in your shoulders just so you can look at her way.

Track List:
1. Williamsburg Boy
2. Molly
3. Indian Summer
4. When I Come Home

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