Reverence for Fallen Trees

The Black Atlantic: Darkling, I Listen

The Black Atlantic is no stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, their previous record, Reverence for Fallen Trees, was featured here before. Despite their rather melodic folk sound, they list metal bands like Slayer and Metallica as among their influences on their Facebook page. Whether it's a tongue-in-cheek name drop or not, if you listened to Darkling, I Listen; it's hard to find these influences. They don't seem to need it though since the group is fully capable of mesmerizing their audience with their subdued indie folk ensembles.

The Black Atlantic – Reverence for Fallen Trees

Surreal acoustic folk pop that reminds you of being completely lost in the woods yet feeling happy. Groningen based group The Black Atlantic has finally released a full length album in follow up to their Send This Home EP. Released back in August 2009, Reverence for Fallen Trees has been receiving praises and great reviews left and right. Recorded and created in a log cabin somewhere in the Adirondack mountains, the album is a dreamy, fragile and sweet acoustic folk pop that makes sweeps you from your feet. All 10 tracks are crafted to embody harmonious vocals, sweet strumming and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps one of the most intriguing bands of the recent months, The Black Atlantic has certainly released an instant favorite with Reverence for Fallen Trees. The album title is a metaphor for "honor the dead" which was used in reference to the van der Velde's grandfolks who passed away in the year before the release of this album.