Role Playing game

Space Funeral

If you are into the weird and crazy, then you'll definitely enjoy playing Space Funeral. It's a Japanese RPG that centers on the unusual and the insane. Essentially, you play Philip and you have a sidekick named, Leghorse (don't ask why) and you set off in an adventure to find the lost City of Forms (will explain in a bit.) On your way, you encounter all sorts of monsters and creatures, from ghosts, goblins, hedonists, lions, gross out monsters and even Dracula! Filled with lots of blood and weird caves, plus a cool soundtrack that pits electronica with Japanese noise rock; this game will blow your mind away. The graphics are quite original and pretty colorful as well adding to the trippy vibe of the game. Essentially a pretty unusual but interesting piece of RPG that you can play in a little over 2 hours. Have fun and try not to crazy.