Carlos Castaño: Permanence City Light Soundtrack

Singer/songwriters have a penchant for writing about love, ad nasuem— But Carlos Castaño, a Filipino musician, armed with his acoustic-guitar-of-emotional-distress breathes new life into the subject with his vulnerability; combining crowd-pleasing beats with clever wordplay and an introspective take on what is evidently, his preferred subject matter.
Naomi Wachira

Naomi Wachira: Naomi Wachira

“Art is born from tension. And this tension is something that Seattle folk singer and songwriter Naomi Wachira feels every day as an African living in America.” This is how the up-and-coming singer’s bio reads (from her official website), and amazingly, the tension transcends beautifully to her 4-track sampler, now available from Noisetrade.